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The breaking story about the real impact of a long-ignored epidemic

Lyme-carrYing ticks have been found in all 50 states — and all around the world.

The Quiet Epidemic Impact Campaign

According to a new CDC estimate, 476,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease yearly in the United States alone. Even with prompt treatment, 10-20% of people go on to suffer long-term, debilitating symptoms. An unknown number of people remain undiagnosed and untreated for years, decades or even a lifetime. Without an accurate diagnostic test, the true scale of this epidemic remains unknown.

Documentary filmmaking has a proven track record of moving the needle on long-ignored social issues. We made The Quiet Epidemic to communicate the challenges we face and the solutions we need—to audiences far beyond the Lyme community. Change can happen faster when more people care about our cause.

We envision a world in which Chronic Lyme disease is recognized, the interests of patients are prioritized, and accurate diagnostics and treatments are accessible.

The Quiet Epidemic is not just a movie, it’s a movement.Change is on the horizon and you can be a part of it.

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The Film

After years of living with mysterious symptoms,

a young girl from Brooklyn and a Duke University scientist are diagnosed with a disease said to not exist: Chronic Lyme disease. The Quiet Epidemic follows their search for answers, which lands them in the middle of a vicious medical debate. What begins as a patient story evolves into an investigation into the history of Lyme disease, dating back to its discovery in 1975. A paper trail of suppressed scientific research, and buried documents reveals why ticks—and the diseases they carry—have been allowed to quietly spread around the globe.

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