Join the Quiet Epidemic Movement

By completing the film itself, we have taken the first step toward catalyzing change throughout the U.S. and around the world. With a global impact campaign set to launch in 2023, The Quiet Epidemic is a rallying cry for proper recognition, diagnosis, and research that the Lyme community and general public have been waiting for.

Global Grassroots Community Activism

Our 2023 screening tour will build momentum and excitement for the movement by educating the public and involving them in our campaign. Anyone can host a screening and post-screening panel discussion to reach their intended audience—whether it’s donors for scientific research, members of the press, or political insiders who can drive change at the highest levels. To ensure screenings are impactful, we're building a pilot group of The Quiet Epidemic ambassadors and are creating a toolkit of discussion guides and action agendas.

Host a Screening

Congressional Impact

With the film as our emotional hook, we will work with thought leaders and political strategists to call on policy makers to be the change agents we need them to be. We will produce The Quiet Epidemic screening events and policy roundtables for Congress and Congressional staffers, the health community, philanthropists, and the press. We will leverage the film to build a coalition of policymakers around Lyme disease legislation.

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Share your story on social media

The Quiet Epidemic is active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. By rallying the global Lyme community online, we can leverage social media as an advocacy tool—demonstrating both the scale of suffering and need for solutions worldwide. Consider sharing a testimonial re: your viewing experience and Lyme experience with your community and our team, by tagging The Quiet Epidemic and using the hashtags #TheQuietEpidemic and #LymeLife. You can do this in writing and/or a video!

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